Funny Angry Dogs

Check out this hilarious Funny Angry Dogs compilation video and watch how silly little things makes these dogs angry and how cute they still look even if they’re mad. 🙂

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Kateri Blackwing says:

I smack that dog with a newspaper and have him put down

LifestreamWarrior says:

Dunno why anyone gets these scabby wee rats. I would fucking love to boot some of these wee shits so hard that they'd bounce off the fucking ceiling.

chris haize says:

cats and dogs are fun and all of that but when a guard dog actually attacks the shit gets real and fast. I've seen a german shepard in action and it's fucking wild!! Absolutely fearless!!

Chuck TheGoer says:

What kind of dog is that at 2:50

Julien M says:

And when one of those dog actually bites, after giving every warning it can to tell people to back the fuck up, those fucktards are going to put them down. What a bunch of idiots including you OP for thinking that this is hilarious.

BabbyThor says:

I don't get how people can put up with that or even think it's cute or funny.

Valentine Mihaylov says:

The background music is so unnecessary…

barfnarfny says:

With the exception of the Rottweiler, I see a lot of white trash morons thinking it's so cute to drive their dogs to such vicious anger. These idiots really get their rocks off when they get their pets to respond to this abuse. They don't deserve to have ANY animal in their charge let alone a once sweet dog. What an affront to nature. By God, may they bite you and leave permanent injury. Now THAT would be funny indeed.

Cyborggamer 13 says:

In 1:54 did you know that if a dog eat chocolate it will be blind?

Navodha Rathnayake says:


GamingWithSheilaLOL says:

New meme at 1:53😂

Wickle Pinksnout says:

ya just wana slap those little bastards and chuckle and there poor display of anger xD

Josephine Arthur says:

4:00 smile pretty dog


" my dog doesn't like to be touched " he's gonna suck ur dick when he knows what's waiting for him in the dog pound

John Smith says:

1:16 that dogs are very dangerous.

Sha Texana gonzalez says:

4:14 omg I'm scared lol!

Anon conspire says:

3:33 HAHAHAHAHAHA it's a pissed off rat.

Master Player 03 says:

If my dog will do this to me , I will beat the shit out of that bitch

z.g.n. movie and song girls says:

its not funny its cute😊😊😊im a animal lover that inclods dog well i dont like cats ther so mean

ThracianMapping _ says:

0:08 what's that video called?

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