Dogs are family:Cute and funny dog turns this little baby’s crib into a ballpit

The video is about Charlie , a cute dog who is a fast learner , he could learn tricks quickly and this time he has learnt something so sweet.
In the video as you would see you could see Charlie , the dog in a room and in front of him is a bag of plastic balls . the dog picks up the bag but of course it gets open and the balls run to every corner in the room , but this was not going to stop Charlie from doing what he had in mind.
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Jarmarie Ruiz says:

he a amezing helping dog

Mike Tran says:

he's actually trying to drown the new intruder with balls people!

Kalib Proitt says:

Omg =) your dog is the best Charlie is so nice! =)

Cristina re says:

I love when she smiles!she is soo pretty and growing so fast and learning from and with charlie.brilliant!congrats.kiss

DiamondBlocker 10 says:

Good boy! Doggy :)

Madeleine Ward says:

Darling baby with her devoted companion sharing!

Anya Rhiness says:

They trained him very well :)

Sonali Singh says:

shooo cutee love wd ds dogiee😘

sonny sodani says:

Charlie you are amazing thankyou for making my day a little bit cuter

1waterlilys says:

What a beautiful smile Laura has!

Lui Armstrong says:

Родители имбецилы, собака в пасть и ребёнку в манеж. Ребёнок в рот)))) За то ролик на youtube и слава))) Маразм крепчает.

Johan Olofsson says:

that kid looks totally clueless.

Sparkbomber says:

Charley's always so sweet in the vids, this one's so adorable too.

John Elliott says:

Hey Charlie, High Five !  : P  Well Done, Dog-Nanny Job ! 

KurotresinaAnka says:

Funny & cute 🙂 

Rock Lee says:

Reason #665554(()&&!!)699&?:2333126??($&!&&!!! Why dogs rule!!

Natalia Miller says:

Beautiful baby's!!

preston currin says:

Not a pet but family

Anonneemuss says:

And suddenly:  Crib Death!

Eugenia Areti says:

34 people have no heart….
This is really touching!

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