Dog Befriends Baby Chick: Cute Dog Maymo

Dog Befriends Baby Chick: Cute Dog Maymo
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Cute dog Maymo becomes friends with a baby chick. The cute beagle and baby chicken play together as well as have a tea party, watch movies, and even video chat. The cutest story of interspecies love.


Michelle Vigueras says:

snjhwhhshwhshhshsh jejejejeje hshshhshhhhhahahahahhahahahshshahssbabsbaaahahaa

Hdtsh Gddh says:

ah so cute :)

satya shukla says:

The intelligent and loving side of Maymo is sooooo cute :)

G-Denii sup says:

como puede ser tan tierno ese pollo me dan ganas de estrujarlo

100 abonné sans vidéo? Merci says:


casually says:

Oh, so nice

Orion the Labrador says:

My dog would have ate the chick.
Last time he was introduced to a bird, he killed it.
Bye bye birdie.

Mya Mccarthy says:

both of them are so cute

shwiftin guy373 says:

i tried it with my duck and basett……didn't work well 😐

Ümmühan Teker says:

maymo very sweet and chicks

Suzanne Patterson says:

You're a good boy, Maymo.

Flower Power 2016 says:

Oh that is so cute! The dog is so friendly and gentle with the tiny chick! XD

Samantha Josephine Hunter says:

dies of cuteness overload

Hellosupman says:

Then they eat the chicken.

Bernie El Beagle says:

Omg the tea party! 😂

Lynn Withrow says:

😭😪😥😢so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me want a pet chick

アーモンドピーナッツ says:


Анфиса «Aprif» Маркина says:

Вы с Мэймо очень известны даже в России!!! Я ваша фанатка!

You Mama very famous even in Russia!!! I'm a huge fan!

GebGlassEye says:

Maymo is the cutest dog in the world

Pacis_Animus says:

Yeah, that brightened my day. Sweet!

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