Typical Weeknight

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Background Song: “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” instrumental (https://youtu.be/5vsWpsSdAao)

Vine by: Greg Baskwell – Instagram: @gregbaskwell


Andrea Nielsen says:

There should be more of these.

RoxyDzey says:

your dog doesnt like jim carry, what a shame :D

Scott Sharrer says:

You have some really great videos on here!

Annie M. says:

Love it :)

Aleks Sokolovskiy says:

Lol your dog is so cute

Ruben Garcia says:

pleake make more movies! :p

Nova Helianthus says:

I love your dog! What her/his name??

Evan O'Loughlin says:

Love this and loving the toy story music.. more please!!!

DoctorTreestream says:

It's really great! 

doug Chandler says:

whos a good dog ? Thats a good dog.

Cecilia R. says:

i love it ♥__♥

Manet Saman says:

Make more of these Greg XD U deserved an Oscar!

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