Funny Dogs Meeting Cute Baby Animals Compilation [CUTE]

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DEVILMAN66631 says:

We need more vids like these.

Christoph Barfuss says:

einen Igel sollte man sofort in prof. obhut geben!
Sonst leiden sie ! Das ist nicht lustig.Weil baby/jung Igel meist so dehydriert sind das die fast sterben!
Also immer ab sofort Tierarzt usw !

Gitte Hansen says:

1:17 I'll bet he didn't see that coming… 😂



Aaron Atchison says:

What dog🐶 😥

zeewann says:

I must have a different species of dog – of the sniff and eat variety.

Tianna Williams says:

How can you NOT love animals

I Love Animals says:

great video

Patricia Josh Ferguson says:

cutest thing ever😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Shiraishi Yu says:

As expected with a Shiba 💕💕

Black Dahlia says:

Baby duck to dog "LET ME LOVE YOU!!!!"

skinny jason says:

this is adorables

Lizo says:

at the first one i was like my dog would eat that turtle

hells surprise says:

Dog's – "Mans best friend?" "world's best friend more like!!"

pincmin says:

I think dogs understand what "cute" is.

Delfinition says:

Luckily well taken care of house companions don't have the need to hunt or feel like prey so they can have cute relationships :)

Rozaria May says:

at 1:29 " come on you wanna fight bring it!"

liamevans1987 says:

That duckling was a trolling little jerk lmao!

Ali Fansub says:


NxAz Clan says:

2:28 what animal is that

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