Stupid dog jumps out of the car, barrel ROLL !


Gean Franco Gonzales Gastelu says:

que perro mas estupido jajaja

bacorable says:

the dog had 3 broken legs…

tony lennon says:

always puts a smile on my face

Tyler Stow says:

Poor dog

Andrew Brouillette says:

That's your falt not the dogs take better care of your dog

GSDguy says:

To watch at normal speed in the beginning set to 1.5

Montana 927 says:

This is why I never let my dog look out of an open window.

Mavrick says:

RIP in peace dog

Dontwhine says:

lol the way the dog did a barrel roll.

Aurora Nightheart says:

If you look closely it looks like the dog got back up after it fell. But then again i could totally be wrong. Poor pup.

EmoBro says:

This is sad not funny I'm crying and praying 4 the dog 😫😭

Jakub M says:

R.I.P Dog :(

DeuceOfIce says:

Idk why but I laughed so hard at this

Xindioka says:

This is a great video. I always like showing people this one.

Anya says:

Lol that was Hillarious!!!!!

mohanicus says:

Hahahahahahhaa……that was feckin hilarious

Libio Mandirola says:

The dog is allright. You can see it getting up near the end of the video, just after the brown dog dodges it.

iKH44N says:

LOL….No seriously, LOL. None of that fake LOL.

iKH44N says:

LOL….No seriously, LOL. None of that fake LOL.

Slush Guppy says:

Oh yikes! Well at least the dog's okay. Thanks for replying!

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