English Bull Terrier And Baby Are Best Friend – Cute Dog And Babies Videos Compilation

English Bull Terrier And Baby Are Best Friend – Cute Dog And Babies Videos Compilation
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dangerriff says:

Damn i love bullies face, so cute!

Estefany Luna says:

Ver este video me recuerda lo mucho que amo a mi bullterrier Niah, ella es mi princesa gladiadora, definitivamente, una raza bellisima de perro

Dan Y says:

Yes and very strong dog next to pit bull who I despise!

alwaysbusiness4 says:

if your dog is sleep or trying to sleep teach your kids to have or respect the dogs space.

lisa j says:

I want a bully so bad! Hard to find in the midwest US though

mauro roberto santos says:

o melhor cachorro q existe !!!!!

SSmithProductions says:

Chico, get yo stupid ass over here, e!

tripsadelica says:

Oh just lovely! Bull Terriers make great pets and can be wonderful with kids. The only other dog equally good with kids are English Staffordshire Terriers. I love both types of dog…heck, I love ALL dogs! Dogs have emotions just like we do BUT they lack narcissism, hatred, racism, greed and violence for violence-sake. They are loyal, loving and will love their human companions all their lives.

Joe Ng says:


Paul Hardman says:

how cuuuuuuuuuuute!!! 💜💚💟💓💞

2thpic says:

Real life Brian and Stewie from Family Guy

richard pieneman says:

it makes me so mad when people allow theire children to climb,poke ride or pull a dog,,most dogs wont like that ( also bullteriers),so when they bite the dog is the bad one.

Emil Wiklund says:

I dont care if its a lab or a pit.. Dont let your kids bounce up and down on your dog. Thats just begging them to get bit..

John T says:

First clip with the dog on the sofa was truly adorable

Didn't like the baby on the floor so close to the dogs food bowl in one clip though

Wonderful dogs though

Tactical Priority says:

Anyone remember Spuds MacKenzie?

Susan McNeil says:

Oh please people! English Bull Terriers and Pit Bulls should not even be in the same category. They are perfectly safe with children and usually will defend them and some have even saved a kid's life. Nothing more loyal and more loving than a bully!

davide si says:

bellissimi.pero' certo e' un rischio

Dxstructio nn says:

Damn, 4:25 that one was old i have 6 Bull terriërs they are so gentle

Emmaxx youtbefan says:

awh skatties

Alexandra Lopez says:

it's sow pretty

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