A scared Golden Retriever panics during her rescue. Her reaction once she was saved is amazing!

Please donate $5 to Hope For Paws to help save dogs like Clarabelle from homelessness and neglect.

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PLEASE SHARE: Clarabelle’s amazing rescue story: Hope for Paws received a call about a Labrador seen living on the streets. Lisa Arturo and I searched all over for 5 days for her. Absolutely everything frightened her and she crawled under impossible spaces to get away. Her reaction to being rescued is so heartwarming.

With over 30,000 stray, abused, abandoned and homeless dogs in Los Angeles alone, we always encourage adoption as a first choice for a pet. 🙂

To adopt Clarabelle, please contact:
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Thanks 🙂


Kathy Matsui says:

It broke my heart seeing her slowly covering her eyes out of fear.😭 but i know this angel is safe & happy now….

JimmyNumb says:

I just love what you guys do, thank you so much!

Joy af says:

my heart is hurting. i'm so happy you guys help these cute babies

Gabe Kis says:

Beautiful . Bless your hearts.

Bettie Thompson says:

why why do people do this to pets thay need love not this I wish people wood just love then I would take her

Against all expectations says:

This videos are amazing! Good Job!

Aiden Van Der Merwe says:

where are you guys from saving the dogs

ryandoyverypogi says:

why am i crying 😓😓😓

Charles Burke says:

Do they like keep the dogs with them until someone adopts them

Carol Shuster says:

God bless you

MakeshiftPicture says:

such a beauty

ghostgamer and emerald gamer says:

i think golden retrievers are scared a lot

ghostgamer and emerald gamer says:

i love their rescues

Animal Jammer AJ says:

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 so sad

Olta Meci says:

You made me cry 😭

Legend Tiger says:

The song is so sad to at the same time

Legend Tiger says:

Why is it so sad 😿😿

alberickharwanlang al says:

instead of pulling her..you could have lured her out by giving some food

Savannah Cloudwell says:

Wow, she evened covered her eyes. But, she's so cute and she looks like a puppy…

korn jinda says:

I was so sad about that whineing

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