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These cats love their owners so much, that they are waiting them all day to come home and welcome them. // Subscribe to our channel, share and thumb up this video // If you have [More]
Soldiers coming home to their best dog friends/Собаки полны эмоций, из-за возвращения свои хозяев. Breaking Point by PlatinumEDM ( is licensed under a Creative Commons License ( Artist: PlatinumEDM – Genre: Dance & Electronic [More]
After being gone for over six months overseas, my daddy’s girl of a puppy is finally reunited with her daddy. As far as people commenting on the credits at the end, it was a joke [More]
Perros emocionados dan la bienvenida a sus dueños que vuelven a casa, militares que regresan tras un largo tiempo fuera de sus hogares, en HD. Dogs welcoming soldiers home compilation in HD video.
Check out the 9 funniest bulldog videos of 2015… // Subscribe to our channel, share and thumb up this video // If you have copyright problem thingy, please contact us to resolve it. Thanks!
Dogs are the funniest pets ever! They make us happy and laugh! Just look how all these dogs and puppies play, sleep, get along with cats, babies, how they fail, react to mirrors, make funny [More]
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Smart dogs and monkeys in Japan – (Funny video with a monkey and dog) I hope you will like this video. Thank you all for watching and if you like this video Please don’t forget [More]
The Amazing Skidboot is the smartest dog you’ll ever see. He gained worldwide fame with his tricks, but had to give up performing once he started going blind. Skidboot died in 2007, but David Hartwig [More]
Check out more funny pet videos at This incredible pup understands every word! Check out this skateboarding bulldog! From the producers of television’s “Planet’s Funniest Animals” and “Funniest Pets and People” comes PetTube, [More] World’s Smartest Dog – 3 years ago my dad, Trevor, was the victim of a hit and run driver while we were on our morning walk. In America, on average, a pedestrian is hit [More]
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Capella, the rescued 10 month old Belgian Malinois, performs her newly learned tricks, whisper and speak.
Sára (Sarah von Ritka * 25.2.2008) is dachshund mix. She is very clever and she did the most hard dog tricks!!! This is trailer for BIG video of Sara’s tricks 🙂 Soon…!
Hey guys and gals! Sorry for the the time that has passed without uploads. Life tends to happen, between getting a new job, starting school and Eve coming down with some kennel cough its been [More]
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Animal Fails: Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs, Epic Animal fails, Dog fails. Things to Consider For most dogs, mating is a natural process. Occasionally, inexperienced dogs need a little help. Timing, health and environmental [More]
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