TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time II [NEW] (HD) [Funny Pets]

TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time – Part II. AMAZING video.
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Carolyn Mihelcic says:

So Great…

Bastien Callewaert says:

Can anyone tell me what breed is it at 2:49 ?

Pork money says:

..marry a spouse that loves you as much as your dog ..and divorces will go extinct

Holly Yerger says:

Clearly a lot of animal haters with all the thumbs down

Pankaj Lohani says:

Hi I live in Delhi India i love dogs i wants a dog specially labrador but i don't have money to buy it if someone give me labrador for free i can take care of that i ask lot of people for adopting a labrador but they all ask me to how much i pay I don't have money now but i want a labrador pls if someone give me that for free contact me pls +919650884558

Matt Saunders says:

the last dog is the cutsest

KahlilGO says:

Fuck the army

Tejinder Singh says:

Nowadays in the world of hatred, we must lean from this creature – How to Love.

BGX says:

my dog he is stupid

Bill Thompson says:


Helious Music says:

1:16 why is the other guy holding the leash so hard? Its not his dog, its the other dudes dog! (it was lost but they ran into eachother)

elibeth1211 says:

How cute. Oh my gosh that dog jumped out of the back door.

Steward William says:

I love it

EpicGamerXtreme says:

Some of these dogs act like my dog when I come back from school

Leftylink says:

Pure, real, non-ironic emotions. That's why dogs are the better 'humans'! Also they wouldn't treat this planet as bad as we do, even if they'd be able to…

Zhiyao Li says:

i have no idea why this video has 223 dislikes

Luca Hegedűs says:


Lilia Sahanova says:

I tried. And I did not cry. It wasnt even close to be honest.

Toothless And Stormfly Show says:

this is so cute

Konitha Udomsay says:

puppy love!!!!!!😂

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