Top 100 Cutest Funny Pet and Animal Vines 2016 | Animal Vines Compilation MAY 2016

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Erika Sanchez says:

1:02 what type of dog is that

jeremy snowden says:

This is very boring

Ashie Animatiønz says:

3:04 to 4:12
The most majestic cat I have ever seen it looks you pretty and royal

Jasmin Maciel says:

Animals freaken rule. i love them so much. 👌😍❤❤

Chase Stapel says:

Doesn't the beautiful cat at 3:00 look like hermoine's cat from Harry Potter

Ghastly Ghost03 says:

what song is that at 1:30

Ryo Liam says:

3:044:13. the cat is so beautiful. You gotta be very happy with it

joshDNBhunt says:

I like to eat cats

#MemeKing1345 1 says:

0:30 cute😍😍

Elizabeth Tiger says:

3:12, There's something about that golden brown fur and those emerald green eyes that make that cat look so royal and gorgeous. :3

Corina Stokes says:

what kind of cat is it at 3:00

Renal Yasmina says:

at 4:32 the cat its drinking blood :o

AnimalVines says:


Garrett Gollatz says:

proudest fap

Bob Minions says:

what kind of dog was it at 7:50

Sunnie Calhoun says:

the cat at 3:24 sooo pretty!

Suberbia 182 says:


I SAID Sow says:


Laloni Jones says:

they are so cute

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