Impressive Dog Stick Trick

A labrador retriever shakes water off itself with a stick in its mouth, stick dislodges and flips in the air, dog catches it


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Aidan Shaffer says:

How could you dislike this

Jose Manuel Fuentes Del Pozo says:

jesus christ that's jason bourne.

Skylar Deragon says:

That moment when you realize you will never be as cool as this dog :(

Alan Johnston says:

doggo does an awesome

OzzieBloke says:

It's a complete jag, an absolute fluke. Am I going to be the first person to click the down vote button?
Am I?

Helen Qiu says:

okay. i will subscribe to your channel.

Catman64 says:

That was pretty cool, gotta admit. :-)

咩哥 says:

that reflex action is OP!

madofdad says:

that is super awesome!!

Miriam Ramos says:

Cachorrinho malabarista, ! no rio uma graça, !

scrillixp Reynolds says:

×D wow that's solo cool lol

Helen Qiu says:

wow what a smart dog. good job

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