I’m Sorry buddy. You’re Adopted


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Brandon20 Quintero says:

every dog is atoped

Brandon Lantry says:

Joey he looks just like you.

Truth 2027 says:

Those eyes!

Alan Lanni says:

poor dog…😂

Peejubaby 05 says:

Hes like are u serious this whole time I didn't know

whitley brown says:

awwww so sad:(

EsseeLovesGaming says:

You: im sorry steal but your adopted

Steal: grumpy face

Me: comes from future Steal its ok in 5 years youll be ok

Steal: kills meh

You: laughs

Absolute Disney Maniac says:

This is so sad XD

BunnyCraft Gaming says:

Dat Face Doe

_Venom_ GD says:

What the? it skips from 5sec to 7sec XD

Lexi Winfield says:

Hey joey

Magical Falcore says:

Lol he's like… why have I not known this the whole time.. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?

Amber Is The Best says:

was he really adobeded?

Mishka Misia says:

is he actually adopted

Emily Bristol says:

how board are you right now Joey

Andrews gaming says:

love the dog

Emily Stockman says:


Kirsha-Ay says:

Wubcake sent me here

Micca Marzan says:

steel…why so sad?

mean kitty says:

poor steel

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