Soldier Coming Home; Dog’s Reaction

I was gone for 3 months at Basic Combat Training & AIT. I was able to come home for a short time during Christmas. This was my elderly dog’s reaction ♥


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Susi says:


‍ ‍ says:

how old is the dog ?

Kimberly Zuniga says:

That is so cute!im glad you made it back


Ketkä tääl kosk legendat

Kimberly Barber says:

How is Buddy?

v anny says:

quand ce chien âgé retrouve sa maitresse, il pleure de joie

Gamze Ersoy says:

OMG so Sweet😍😍😍

Deine Mutter says:

Stupid Disslikers hope you get fucking beat

Donnie Mahaffey says:

Look at her! She's crying because she's so happy her human is home! A good girl!

Jazlynn Rosa says:

omg cutest thing ever👌

Châu Lê says:

Every time I come home, my dog does the same, and peeing :D

Hariz says:

Cool, lets look how will cats react ahahaha

Hariz says:

Cool, lets look how will cats react ahahaha

Random Ideas says:

not sure why ,but helI ,Gunna play ecstasy of the gold and put this on loop

Deschanel Darmodihardjo says:

warms my heart <3

Justin Hapo says:

These are the real men/women, not the sadistic cowards above government who organize and fund these wars

maxxlexx1 says:

any person joining up with this monster in the white house is a traitor to America…treason.

Aboudie Adra says:

Fuck this Australia dogs fuck them all they care about dogs more than people fuck this world

boothyofyick says:

don't dogs do this to everyone?

Cathy Atkinson says:

cant get the video to play

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