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Gone to the Snow dogs says:

10 likes then I'll get a pit bull

Funny Animal Videos says:

Pitbulls are great dogs. It all depends on how they are raised. It is sad that they have such a bad reputation to the point that they are even banned in some areas.

Raikou 123 says:

the last one is so cute!

Blub :3 says:

aawww 😍😘😘😊

kimberly route says:

Cassie watching a movie too funny Lol

Teresa S says:

I love pit bulls. It's a shame they have such a bad (and incorrect) reputation.

Ángeles Alferes says:

aii ay loviu

Marshall D. says:


jennifer garcia says:

Ok. This is why I love this breed so much. Our dogs are loving, loyal and occasionally bat shit crazy. They are nannys for our children, loving with other animals and the most loyal canines out there.

Miche. says:

I miss my pitbull
i named her Champagne because of her color😿

jo-ker 15 says:

haha this was funny. Good Video 👍

Johnny says:

4th Comment, 14 likes, 151 viewer and 11 minutes on the row.

Mohammad-M says:

Reply and make my day!

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