Top 10 Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Siiiit. Staaaaay. Watch the video… good dog! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog. Subscribe►►… Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►►

For this list we’re looking at tricks that any dog lover and owner can teach his or her canine companion. Some of the tricks featured are definitely advanced, but are still achievable with time, patience, and lots of practice! The only tricks we’re removing from the list are the truly over the top types of tricks that can only be taught by professionals. We’re also not considering the classic standards, like sit, stay, down, etc.

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Furlow Torent says:

I thought you said basic commands weren't on the list. Roll over is like one most basic commands.

Laura Puckett says:

I'm going to get a new dog and I'm going to try to do the open door it looks amazing

_PuppyGurl_ says:

I taught my dog how to kiss me when i "fake" cry! All I do is fake fall and cry and she'll come to kiss me! <3

Zach White says:

no pitbulls really

Cha Cha Slide says:

I was watching this with my dog and when he saw the skateboard one he got the skateboard lol

Lilly Nitro says:

What about agility??

Joshua The master of squids says:

my old dogs could do that trick where they balance food on their nose.

Ashleigh Marie Abena says:

My dog can play soccer and he can also be behave while I am making his food

Paris Smart says:

I think because this is the skateboard

lovely looks says:

I teach my dog to pray

Christopher Salazar says:

I taught my dog hug now it hugs me when I get home

Nataly Diken says:

I taught my dog to "search". I give her an object which smells just like the object I want her to find. I let her sniff it and say "search!" After about 5 min she finds it!

ANML LVR11 says:

left paw right paw

Eazier then a G says:

it's so hard teaching my dog tricks

DebonairDinosaur says:

"we are not including standard tricks like sit, stay, ect." Number 10: High five. Number 9: Roll over. -_- good job.

Lila Kate Glaser says:

My dog know how to do high five

Danielle Davis says:

my pug lulu can dance

Random Person says:

My dog can do high five, but he can't do paw…

Serafima Stabrova says:

My dog can pick up money – that's our best trick i think :D

snowfur 73 says:

my cat can sit and laydown

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