English Bulldog warns girl on TV during horror movie

Khaleesi is a 4-year-old English Bulldog that loves kids and watching TV. So when she sees a little girl in a scary situation during the horror film ‘Crimson Peak’, she does her best to warn her there’s trouble near and she should run!

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Yeonhan Oh says:

slap that nice that nice ass/

Zal Moxis says:

Our dog used to do that too…. she'd even know when the baddies would enter on the screen and bark at them…… she used to also chase horses if they came in view too……

Ana lee says:

Wht movie is this?

Aaron Cormier says:

bulldogs are so cute i wish i had one

Homer Simon says:

translation is RUN BITCH RUN

Echo Lala says:

i love it when dogs watch tv

Mahthias Fountain says:

Khaleesi is AMAZING! What a dog!

Jean Aschman says:

What a good baby. Very smart and protective. Hugs and kissed

bella boom boom says:

Omg so adorable!! 😍

yackyick says:


Jayman says:

Good thing he warned the little girl !

Teragram38 Crows says:

I would love to have a dog like this one when I'm watching horror movies. It would be good to know that there is someone there to protect me from the jumpscares.

Shaun LaPlante says:

What a good dog.

OoMASEoO says:

0:05 looks back "Shit's about to go down!"

OoMASEoO says:

lol good dog

beispielsweise weise says:

I'm glad he didn't jump on the TV set

Ryan says:

You're watching "Crimson Peak"!

Roger Hornaday says:

I like a dog who appreciates good cinema.

AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

Haha, that last look over her shoulder, like "You saw it, right? I chased that bad thing away!"

wassupjg says:

at least she didn't launch into your tv

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