The Funniest Animal Thug Life Bloopers of 2016 Caught On Tape | Kyoot Animals

AFV is kicking off the weekend with the funniest Animal Thug Life compilation vide!! Watch these funny dogs, cats and more getting wild!
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Guncius Guncius says:

wut nega 2:02

disafie o thayrone nascimento says:

que video mas pode

LordWiader says:

2:47 The phone is ringing! Wait, that's not it…

Dr.Science says:

0:46 music?

Pikachu Rocks says:

I laughed at the one where the dog took the pool ball at the pool table XD

laine says:

The stupid woman just stood there with a big moose. So stupid.

MiSsToX1c says:

I had to play Ultimate for them

Nataly Espinoza says:

the cute

TheDiegoMovies says:

They didn't choose the thug life, thug life chose them!

Mélanie Roussel says:


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