Pet HATES Donald Trump || Funny cat compilation || Donald trumps funny 2016

Pet’s are also obsessed with Trump. See it to believe it. [must watch]

Pet HATES Donald Trump || Funny cat compilation || Donald trumps funny Vine 2016
Pet HATES Donald Trump || Funny cat compilation || Donald trumps funny Vine 2016
Cats Hate Donald Trump – @midnight with Chris Hardwick
My cat really hates Donald Trump
Dog doesn’t like Donald Trump
Violet hates Donald Trump
List Of Everyone Who Hates Donald Trump – SourceFed

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Pet HATES Donald Trump:

10 cats who just don’t care anymore:

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Joleen Phillips says:

Lady: I wanna vote for Trump
Dog: Over my dead body!!

Tree of Life says:

so funny

cinnaplid says:

Cute, but not many cats!

Laura Gadille says:

We do too kitties!

Echo Noir says:

even pets can sense that trump is gonna cause the end of America

DevikaJS says:

This isn't a cat compilation but it's funny nonetheless.
I guess 1 outta 2 ain't bad

Kartik Muthukumar says:

That was really funny

Truth says:

animals know the anti christ

Sheryl Sayre says:


Deepak Prasad says:

2:49, dog must be thinking "woman stop talking shit , there's a burglar in yo house".

Megálos Epitychia says:

pets see a reptilian

Veggie Man says:

BOO TRUMP I HATE TRUMP SO MUCH DIE TRUMP DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil Kitty says:

you must think people are stupid and dont see you touching the cat's paw when trump's pic shows up. duh

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? says:

The first dog winked like he knew it was an act

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? says:

I know someone who left the dog at the shelter because they didn't like Trump. I'm not even kidding.

Simon E. Tobias says:

Animals can sense evil.

Alissa Michelle says:


TheStewieGriffinShow says:

This video is proof that there is a direct correlation between those with low IQ and those who are anti Trump. According to this video, the IQ of a Hillary supporter closely relates to the IQ of a lower animal such as a cat.

xDucky says:

Too many triangles in your intro.

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