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Some cats are cute and cuddly with their owners, and some cats are just grumpy! This vine star decided to chronicle every instance of when their sassy cat has attacked them and the result was hilarious! Even despite all of the scratches and cuts on their arm, it’s obvious the owner loves their kitty a bunch!

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barbie dream hose says:


Hime Bell says:

lolololol 😂🔫

Ghalavad says:

i know this sounds like something a 13-year old would say but, play the slow motion parts at half speed. They're funnier.

Darth Knight says:

This is not animal abuse. That cat is just a dick. Cats are either super sweet or they're the biggest dicks

Ereri says:


Derrace Simmons says:

Hey Bon Jovi, how much do you love me ?


the car said nun lmfao

Dragon Master says:

The cat why is attack people

Dakota James says:

Why are you continually tormenting that cat? You deserve this.

margaret chobey says:

that kid deserved every single scratch he got hes harrassing a cat minding its own business….all for the purpose of getting LIKES on fb no like from me his parents should talk to him about this

Nick Dupy14 says:

Jesus stop bothering him you retard

Rachel Yahalom says:

what did this kid do to make Bon Jovi hate him so much, lol. I've never seen a cat, legit hate someone before.

Adi Wadi says:

I want to live that cats life. If someone annoys me I can let loose the claws >:P

Gabby Kusz says:

He hates the panda too.

aachelabelaaron says:

Trump/Bon Jovi 2016.

anna z says:

"Good morning Sunshine":D "Say cheese"*D

anna z says:

Bon Jovi really hates you. He probably hates everybody.

MatthewLedZepfan says:

You should obviously let someone else have that cat because you're obviously doing a terrible job of taking care of him/her.

Adi Wadi says:

they need councilling


if you're happy and you know it clap your hands…. raaaaawwww lol

Little Miss says:

His name is Samson 😆😆

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