Doberman most aggressive dog – Funny doberman dog video

Doberman most aggressive dog – Funny doberman dog video

Dobermans are among the ten most aggressive dogs. Now you will see why they are included in this rating. Dobermans attack man, child, other animals. Funniest Doberman Videos

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Zayda Ragsdale says:

Is this video supposed to be sarcastic because all of these clips the Dobermen where being very nice.

Dori`s Welt says:

great Video! I love Doberman!

Galaxy Hipster says:

Absolutely vicious…just look at that HORRIFYING GROWL.EVEN THE BABY IS LAUGHING IN FEAR

qhsperson says:

My Dobie was sick, and I had him on the couch, covered with an old bathrobe. I left the room, and when I came back a few minutes later, he was covered in cats. They'd climbed up on him, curled up, and were purring away, helping him to stay warm.
Great dogs, Dobermans.

Ender Playz says:

bull fucking.crap dobermans are the smartest sweetest protective dog in the world i mean com on this shit fuck you ass hole bitch ass mother fucker 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

janice blake says:

Mine are big doofballs :-)) They never grow up lol 😂

janice blake says:

great video, Dobermans are amazing loving pups :-))

Roneita Vilorio says:

Life with pets shut up

Roneita Vilorio says:

One I have a Doberman at home and kids so shut up

Ronald Vaughan says:

Pooty dogs!

Andrea Yonek says:

doberman ' s are not agressive the first clip it was not being mean dogs do that.and the one wen the dog was barking it was doing it because he saw him get happy about it.

rubixlucifer says:

4:35 that is a mean fing cat who is not playing around. Love these dogs. I'm not a dog person but if I ever get a dog it will be a doberman.

Blob says:

I got a attacked by an extremely aggresive one yesterday

Настя Чебанова says:

Доберманы совсем не агрессивны при правильном воспитании.А кто снял этот ролик тот деревенское чмо!!

Sparkle_Puppy_ Gamer says:

I love dobermans and you don't like it so mean!!!

izzy lopes says:

My Doberman is the most attention seeking, dorky, gigantic goofball of a dog you will ever meet. They're the best dogs in the world

dragoon 22 says:

screw whoever made a video that said most vicious dog Doberman they are just protective

I Love Dogs says:

I wanna consider that shit out with my chihuahua

KarasunoCrows says:

Sarcasm seems to be a foreign language to many.

Dabba doo says:

Man those were some scary dobermans! Nobody get a Doberman I'll take me all lol nice video

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