Adorable dog and puppy barking sound in funniest style video

Dogs and puppies are the friendliest and funniest animal that most people love them. In this video, you will see them barking and playing as following style:

• 00:00 – 00:21 Funny beagle puppy barking,
• 00:21 – 01:23 Cute Boston Terrier Puppy barking,
• 01:23 – 02:24 Funny angry dog barking. But it look very naughty and angry face,
• 02:25 – 02:33 Friendly Barking dog
• 02:34 – 02:59 springer spaniel playing

Video footage use:
• beagle puppy howl YouTube ,
• Funny Cute Boston Terrier Puppy Barking,
• Funny Angry Dogs Barking And Growling Compilation 2014 Dog Barking Videos,
• Barking dog
• Bene, Our English Springer Spaniel Puppy

By AnimalPlanet2016


White Tiger says:

that one dog is saying let me have it

Daniel Lopez says:

what kind of dog is the one at very first.? please..

Michele says:


Stano0711 says:

Great . ¸. • °

M Asif Javeed says:

Verry nice videos 😚😀

Christopher Peek says:

you people should be ashamed of yourselves

princess mychrisa says:

my dog eat my food she is a girl sexy dog of the univers

Vimala Sukhapirom says:


Krishnan Gopalan says:

funny video

Cheyenne Niehuser says:

love it and the dog

GranvilleYT says:

Dog barking loop

sharon omol says:

the dogs are funny

Theresia Swiebel says:

Great fun!:)

Brody Neilson says:

so so cute

Almar Acedera says:

That dog maybe relatives to chipmunks.High pitch voice haha cute.

Sunnygirl911 Miranda911 says:

The cutest

RayZA Zaaa says:

so goooood.

Ebony and Tamia channel says:

buddy is crying

Marcia Dorsey says:

theses dogs are so cute i want them all

thooyamani ganesan says:

these dogs try to talk by observing our lip movements .ours pet.also like. that.

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