A brave little dog gets rescued from the river. His recovery will inspire you. Please share.

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Weekly Gamer360 says:

Are you serious what's wrong with people they cut his leg off then threw down in to a river thing and almost killed him it's so sad

off Nueva Generacion says:


Aye Ok says:

the beginning made me mad asl! but the end made me happy for him he seems like a great dog to havr and congrats on his forever home!

Ava Weir says:

Whoever does that to animals, what are they thinking??? I want Everyone who has ever done anything like this to an animal, to al line up, and I shoot them all. Sure I sound like the most rud Epstein in the world, BUT WHO CUTS A DOGS LEG OFF! People are monsters

Jennifer Castaneda says:

That dog is like me I don't have a hand ✋ i only have one but I can do a lot of thing that people do with two hand and I am good for that some people can't even walk I can I now that I can do what other people do and I am just like them. I am Leticia I am 10 years old and I have one hand.✋

Jillian Explains It All says:

I felt so bad for the dog! And it makes me more sad cause my dog ran away and after a few days we found out that he died!!!! 😭😭😭

Lela Apodaca says:

Thanks now I'm crying so hard

Teresa Blosser says:

Live out your puppy days in happpiness, sweet baby.

Teresa Blosser says:

3: 44😢😢😢😢

Teresa Blosser says:

Some people are just sooo evil!!!!!

Angelhazel AJ says:

this video made me cry people are so cruel to helpless animals

christopher 600cc says:

people who hurt dogs or make things like that should get a minimum of 5 years in prison

bath salt bandit says:

This one really got to me.. ):

Laura Siller says:

No I am vowing to donate 500

xXLunaLikesMinecraftXx says:

I want Jordan

Dragotized 969 says:

I Love Seeing Dogs Who Are Wounded Get Better After A Few Days…. Just That tiny Drop Of Hope 😊😊😊

Animal Pack says:

Jordan is such a strong dog!!! This entire video touched my heart

Makenna RYCZEK says:

Why kind of person would do that : ( I hope Jordan gets a loving home and not one that will scare her!

Jakub Hausenblas says:


Steven Clark says:

I cried for Jordan…he has a sweet spirit and the courage of a lion. God, please watch over this little guy

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