Funny Animals 2016 – Funny Videos Of Cats, Dogs And More


NhBabz says:

Loved the billy goat chasing the dog in the beginning clip. Too funny.

lildixiebelle says:

We love all animals. ..this video is heartwarmingly beautiful. Thank you.

‫מאיה דיקר‬‎ says:


‫מאיה דיקר‬‎ says:

מישאו מדבר איברית

Simply Art says:

2:13 you know you're a terrible singer when even your cat hates your singing

Ak key says:

ほとんど見た事のある奴なのにも関わらず投稿が遅い(›´ω`‹ )

Jane Dudynsky says:

15 minutes of pure happiness for me. Loved all animals except snake.

Alcidess Guto says:

2.15 acho que o gato pensou para de canta desgraça

ubbe R says:

very nice vids. thanks. :-)

brittany wolfe says:

What animal was that @ 8:48?

‫ريہٰكہٰؤٌؤٌ‬‎ says:


The Chaos Dragoness says:

The kangaroo was so adorable! :D

ennis jamel says:

So sweeeeeet😁

murom A says:


Louis Constance says:

Hahahahahaha 😀 😁 😂 😆 😉 Hahahahahaha LMAO ! Hahahahahaha

Ciller Citten says:

That cat bitch slapped her :,D

Mikkel Majlund says:

Nice video

MashupZone says:

Thanks for watching everyone :)

Family JOY says:

nice video my friend 😃 , Please check out my new video if YOU have time

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