Excited dog visits ice cream truck

As soon as Charlie hears that famous ice cream truck theme song approaching, he runs right out to it for a cold treat. He’s as happy as a child as he patiently waits for a popsicle!

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camaroman101 says:

Great, another dog left to run around on no leash. I've known three people who hit "trained" no leash dogs

Carlos Araujo says:

charlie you are so cute…

Arik Morales says:

This is so pure and heartwarming.

Gotthatgoin4me says:

how bout paying lady???

Justin Tony says:

get off your ass and pay for it.

QQT & Dog Lover says:

Charlie is so cute!

brandy a Tracey says:

The lady who owns Charlie has her own channel with Charlie getting his ice cream. She makes the ice cream lady take money , but most of the time the ice cream lady refuses. The owner has four kids who are always around buying off the truck. She looks as forwarder seeing Charlie as he does hearing the truck coming. So all you mean, hateful people should shut up with your mean, hurtful comments. Why do people have to be soo mean.

brandy a Tracey says:

What a sweet video!! Don't mind the haters, it takes one and the rest follow. Great video !!

Mario Perez says:

I hope so

patrick bakker says:

I like ice cream But ice cream truck Comes with music I don't want to eat ice cream anymore

Lauren Johnson says:

cute but INCREDIBLY FOOLISH to let your dog run loose on the road…i wouldnt DREAM OF DOING THAT with my dog i wd never forgive myself if she got hit or run over….

Valoro85 says:

"Thank you!"
Wtf, go pay for it you miser.

Oh la la Muah says:

Charlie is so adorable😘

RobbieV says:

How about dropping the phone and making sure your dog doesn't get hit by a car?

c42004 says:

that dog "chilled" after he got his ice cream. lol that's nice.

dsc1970 says:

That dog's going to get brain freeze..

Greg McAusland says:

Aww, that's sweet :)

Ashley Morgan says:

yeah, poor ice cream lady if she doesn't get paid. Hope you're paying for Charlie's ice cream.

AnimalLover#1 AnimalLover#1 says:

tooooo cute!

Kenyan Bunnie says:

Does Charlie's owner pay the ice cream person? I hope so.

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