Dumb Dog-tography (STUPID DOG TRICK #12)

UPDATE: March 20, 2012

Hey, this Dumb Dog Trick got some interest from our friends in the United Kingdom for a show called “Talk Back” that is produced at Freemantle Media. Totally cool, huh?

Linkage: http://fremantlemediauk.com/our-labels/talkback/

Really awesome and respectable production company. They basically offered an option, which may restrict my ability to use this video for other purposes or projects for the next two years. During that two years they can buy it outright for a stated amount. Could my future include Euros direct deposited into my Paypay account? Oh, yeah!

This was an early video for me. I believe I used a non-HD flip cam and prayed for decent picture quality. Then I edited on this really cheap, awful laptop in Windows Movie Maker. Having fun, learning a little bit about video and sharing my darling doggies.

I so hope this video is used in a UK television show. That would really make me happy.

Believe it or not the art and science of dumb dog tricks continues to this day … featuring the comedy and acting styling of Red Dog, Blue Dog and their new sister, Zoozoo. Here’s a link to the playlist:

Instantly make your dog look more intelligent with glasses! It must be the weekend somewhere, so let’s get the festivities started with



Mike McKenzie says:

I pissed my pants while laughing at your comment.

Crazy Hippy From Oregon says:

This was so dumb I pissed my pants twice.

DaveooDoes says:

@NGUHSx9 uhm, prolonged exposure yes. Doing it for like 30 seconds isn't going to do anything. Thanks for being an optometrist though. 

elisahafdis says:

hahah 😀 So cute !

NGUHSx9 says:

you know this messes up your dogs vision? If another person wears glasses that are not theirs it messes up their vision as well.

NatePinky says:

this is awesome!!!!! I love stupid dog tricks

Mike McKenzie says:

/ Hey, baby, wassup?

o7jimmy says:


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