Dogs Meeting Babies For First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD] ✔

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1. Flash Meets His Newborn Baby Sister

2. Emmeline Meets Padme

3. Enzo the Vizsla meets baby Anna

4. Ben And Chesty Meet And Greet

5. Dog Meets Newborn Baby For First Time

6. Dogs Meet Newborn Stella

7. Dog Meets New Born For First Time

8. Brutus Meets Sophia

9. Dogs Meet Baby

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Eloise Gridley says:

Y the fuck would you let a dog the licked it's down below on the baby's face that is soo wrong

Eszra says:

The Yorkie is my favorite! Covering the baby up was so adorable. I also love how the baby cries and at first he's "oops.", but then no one scolds him and he sits down and is like "Yeah, I did good."
I'd love to know what the woman was saying though.

Anne Springer says:

Clearly, NONE of these parents took a course on how to prepare their dogs for the arrival of a baby. Several of them, considering that a dog's mouth is about four times faster than a human hand, put their babies in real danger with a nervous dog's mouth just inches from baby's face. If any of these dogs had nipped, undoubtedly you'd have heard, "He was completely unprovoked." Yet, the trained eye was waiting for it to happen, and relieved that it didn't. Most humans cannot read their dogs' body language signs accurately. These kinds of videos are not "cute" – rather, they could serve as a tutorial on what NOT to do. In fact, we trainers, behaviorists, and veterinarians are doing just that. Please, if you are planning to have kids, choose a dog wisely. Adopt one that is kid-friendly; buy one that you take to puppy class and socialize to kids while it's still a puppy (age 8-12 WEEKS of age); and never let your dog be teased or relentlessly bothered by kids just because he's a friendly dog. No dogs bite without a reason. Learn good prevention. Hint: this video isn't a guide.

박상호 says:

정말 강심장들이네

John Schips says:

At 2:00, the cute little dog is trying to cover baby with the blanket. That is absolutely amazing!!

Keleficent says:

2:00 He's trying to cover up the baby! :D

Pizza Life says:

the bulldog was like "fuck that shit, im out!"

Petit Orenji says:

The dogs are adorablezzz. The babies look like dehydrated worms.

Patricia Marquez says:

people should'nt be leaving dogs get to close to babies, once you turn your back these dogs will attack your baby!!

Ever Green says:

I love how gentle they are when they're checking the baby out

Glenn Johan says:

Hahaha! The bulldog didnt give a shit, typical :D

bodyshott65 says:

These people don't know what they're doing…they're talking to the dogs as though they're children and allowing them to get way too close initially. This is how bad stuff happens, sorry.

katiebug080592 says:

"Cover him up human he doesn't have fur to keep him warm!"

Ashleigh Dungate says:


Sara R. says:

All those dogs are like, "OMG, they got me a human puppy! OMG OMG!"

Miniboss Momma says:

I'm so excited to see how my dogs react to my son once he's born…I have the feeling Fenris will be fascinated and want to play with him right away, while Luna will just ignore him XD

Mireille Dossou says:

u give a:-) dog a treat (meant for dogs) and it licks the baby's face…….that's repulsive. not to mention dogs have 27x more bacteria than a human. do u no wat DAT can do 2 a bebe's immune system?

Bill Nye says:

2:00 this dog is like let's send it back to wherever it came from

mejia family says:

i love it but not the baby they are so cry baby's………………….

Jazz Monroe says:

fuckkn white ppl man

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