Cutest Relationship French Bulldog And Baby Videos Compilation

Cutest Relationship French Bulldog And Baby Videos Compilation
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Dhanashri Shivdas says:

most enjoying videos

fireside007 says:

YOU ~ ROCK ! !

Emanuel Marcelo says:

I watched it with my french bulldog

Bruce says:

I've been fortunate enough to be friends with a couple of Frenchies. They are very sweet dogs. They aren't mine but I have taken care of them while their owner was out of town. One of them is extremely friendly and loves everyone, even strangers. I was walking them once and a couple of people stopped to look at them and one of them said are they friendly, at the exact same time the friendly one was getting on her hind legs and putting her front legs on his leg hoping she would get an ear scratching from this stranger. I just looked at him and said what do you think?

SSmithProductions says:

Things dogs lick.
– Their butt
– Their reproductive organs
– Any thing on the ground they find interesting
– Your child's hand and face.

Carla solange says:


Manjeet Dandona says:

cute cute dogies and cute puppies are made by mother its a god gift and babies playing to toy for puppies and dogs

Ding Dong says:


Alicia Montalvo says:

Linda puppies.

Elisa Bellafa says:


chantal van says:


Anëda Dikk says:

ADORABLE!!!!! =)

Superior Gaming says:

im pretty sure the 3rd one wasnt a realationship more like the dog barking

Elias Constantine says:

2:19 she's a bitch

Anna Schmidthuber says:

ganz suss

allain patrick Ayop says:

the 1st 1 is a pug

Marcella Coleman says:

as it is beautiful dog and baby interacting so silly to risk the fact that dogs interact with their teeth and paws and could harm baby


very funny

քʊքʊɢAʍɛs TM says:

The baby and the buldog cutes

teena tinker says:

this is so sweet

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