Cats Welcoming Owners Home Compilation 2015 [NEW]

These cats love their owners so much, that they are waiting them all day to come home and welcome them.

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Bob The builder says:

Oh my god there just like dogs when you get home.

kim Me says:

when you get home cats be like"where were u?what were you doing?what did you eat?did you keep any for me?

Cody Breaux says:

I live in the country when ever I come back from school they come straight to the door

Save The Donuts says:

0:40 Aaawww… that cat is so cute! <3

Pablo Fernandez says:

fat cats compilation

yes i am 007 says:

1:20 there is no way in hell would i live in a house with a pitch black basement oh HELL NO

8joyfulgirlz8 says:

Troppo belli!

Rapunzel5Eva says:

2:03 nuzzles his nose/head! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Rapunzel5Eva says:

1:13! it's hugging her! SO CUTE!!!

anonym unbekannt says:

some fat cats. and i thought my cat is fat… but this here.. wow

Elle says:

I already know how sweet kitties can be. What melts my heart are the humans who love them. It's kind of refreshing to see these days.

Ruth Holmes says:

cats act like their owners. my cat is an anti social bitch because I am an anti social bitch but we are ok with each other cause we are both bitches.

Krehlmar says:

Gods cats are lame compared to dogs…

Adrian O says:

Does anyone know the race of cat from 1:44?

aleAKAsine says:

When i return home, one of my cats ignore me, the other one just run to push his butt on my legs.

Katarzyna Rapacz says:

this video is more "fat car compilation" :)

TREETAT 101 says:

My cat nudges on my face in the morning

Sarah LTV says:

beautiful wish i had a cat to welcome me home

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? says:

Stages of how an adopted cat feels:
Day one: I have a new slave!
Week one: I could get to like this human
Month one: We are equals

LynnCoady says:

The first cat look like my cat but it died a year ago and i sill miss her RIP Ki Ki

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