The Amazing Skidboot (Texas Country Reporter)

The Amazing Skidboot is the smartest dog you’ll ever see. He gained worldwide fame with his tricks, but had to give up performing once he started going blind.

Skidboot died in 2007, but David Hartwig continues to perform with several of Skidboot’s offspring.

Texas Country Reporter episode #860, 2/21/2004.


doug robinson says:

I can so relate! I've never had a child but I did have a wonderful golden retriever that was I felt my child. I so miss him!

Samuel Vargas says:

skidboot ☺

Mike Gover says:

FUCK tEXAS.. place sucks. i stepped into tEXAS once to piss on their soil, and stepped right back out.

justin kukes says:

skidboot made me smile and laugh. that's one more person he made a difference to. you should be proud. today I will raise my glass to you David Hartwig. thank you.

Timoteo Luna says:

I have a Red Heeler. he's a wonderful caring intelligent dog. but I am telling you he sheds lots of flying fur

Mark Mccarthy says:

scott perry is that all youve got spelling correct your a joke dickhead

CelestialCastles says:

I love Skidboot!!!!


he looks just like my baby 🐺

Violet Cameron says:

There is a blue heeler pup 4 month old male available for adoption at

If anyone is looking to rescue

Sheila Swearington says:

I love it

Mark Ervin says:

what a dog.

scowell says:

He said 'shooer'… funny. The vocation is 'farrier'.

Mark Mccarthy says:

i love how aussie and american farmers are so similiar with there healers, glad you americans love them as much as we do in aus makes me proud

Mark Mccarthy says:

thats a smithfield blue i have one so smart but hes an exception very impressed from nsw aus

Colleen Forti says:

I will never forget your dog

Aifsegi says:

What a brilliant dog RIP man, will be missed

jazzy doing nun says:

i read this story

jazzy doing nun says:

i read this story

dacato50 says:

it is an amazing breed but he had an amazing owner also

YouTubeSucks says:

I'm glad I have my own little Skidboot!

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