Eve Balancing Wine!!

Hey guys and gals! Sorry for the the time that has passed without uploads. Life tends to happen, between getting a new job, starting school and Eve coming down with some kennel cough its been a hectic last few months and we hadn’t had much downtime to try out any new tricks or just make goofy videos. Anyhow we hope you enjoy this video of Eve the rednose pitbull and her awesome ability to balance something new. A wine glass!

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Rudd Mackey says:

What a beautiful creature!

j torres says:

How cuuuuuuute 😱😍

Serene me says:

hahaha hw did ya train her to be so firm! ><

Chrissix says:

you're hot and your dog is adorable

Snoop The Dog says:

We are crying laughing over here in London. Hahahahaha.

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