Adorable Cats Compilation – Funny Cat Vines #2 – Cat and the friends

Adorable Cats Compilation – Funny Cat Vines #2 – Cat and the friends
I am a #catlover. I really enjoy the adorable, and sometimes devilish antics of cats. (These beautiful creatures do make me feel happier every day). So I’ve created a playlist of #catsvideos to share their lovely and funny moments with all of you – who are also animal lovers and especially delight in cats like me.
These moments are collected from many sources on the internet, so the appearance of your clips as a part of my video, or identical ideas are inevitable.
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Let’s enjoy and share to spread this love to all people around us.
Thanks for watching!:x

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Genessis Mendoza says:


Tail Feather says:

the cat on the dryer/washer is what got me lmao

Thin Gold Line says:

I just about pissed myself at 6:44. LMAO

Puziec 048 says:

5:48 blue screen. 😀

Cute Cat Videos 猫咪搞笑影片 says:

Cats have it all – admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.

Irekbiy says:

XD wtf why did the cat smile 4:38

Sampashree Mallick says:

the 2nd one where they prank the cat into falling into the water tank was not at all funny..i hate people playing such over the top pranks with innocent animals..prank to some extent is okay..but not like this..very bad..poor kitty

robert Conley says:

That stupid ads on top of that car and putting his cat in danger he should be arested and throw away the key

Gta 5 says:

4:38 was the funniest

Kira Hughes says:

#smush face cattttt!!!!!!!!!

AIIUserNamesInvalid says:

and the song name at 3:25 too? lol

AIIUserNamesInvalid says:

can i know the song name that starts at 3:05 please?

LoraCorinaMyaAshley CortezRichMin (Lora,Corina,Mya,Ashley) says:

1:26 that kitty is scared 2:14 so cute. 3:20 xD 3:25 ROCK AND ROLL! 4:17 nope. 4:33 pervert. 7:47. 9:32. 9:43

Andrea Michelle Sanchez Gonzalez says:

Me encanta este video Jajajajajaja

Eeveetheboss 123 says:

the first one is like every restaurant I go to

LouiseReay92 says:

Cat at 1.20 made me shit myself a bit ha

ausfi says:

Many new things here, especially in the beginning. The one where the kitten was touching noses with the snail was just incredible. And the two cats sitting together and one was turning its head left-right and the other one just staring in front of it.
None of the compilators has yet found my video.

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