Typical School Night

Typical Weeknight Part II
Vine: Greg Baskwell
Instagram: @gregbaskwell

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Admiral Ackbar says:

It is accurate, except the homework/studying part.

Reid Heidler says:

You're a one-of-of-a-kind man-dog, it's true!

Esther Mondragon says:

awesome cool!!! :)

Ryan Harner says:

My routine you got to admit

BAileyBoy5667 says:

you have a smart dog :)

Animal Bro says:

That dog was so calm and was great in the video

Mini Minotaur says:

1-15 that probably me lol

Ronnie Hotlink Gaming says:

0:090:11 is me

FeedArtiFact3 Gaming says:

that's me lol

Naveed The Pro Kuttay says:


sean sewpersaud says:

I LOVE this soo much

desertskybulldogs says:

These are so funny, shared a couple on my website pethelpforum.com I was laughing so hard! GREAT job!!!!

StarskyRyan says:

:'''''D This is so hilarious… The dog tilting his head closer to the peace sign gets me everyyyy time hahahahahah

Ray mendez says:


Lisa P. says:

name of music pls?

039kpo says:


Noah Kelly says:

greg, pass this idiot

Marcelo Pereira says:

Muy creativo :)

Blooto44 says:

So good 

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