Polar Bear Purrs When Cuddling with Her Human Dad

An adult polar bear named Agee has an unusually close bond with Mark Dumas, the man who has hand-raised her since she was a cub. They swim together and cuddle. She even purrs like a cat when he’s near.

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Chong Peemak says:

whats the name of the reporter ? she's cute

John Doe says:

so this dude fucked a polar bear?

Raymond Garlick says:

what a wonderful story of love. who'd of believed a polar bear

Hannah J says:

What is all over her fur? also i know people cant help this but being in that climate is probably not very good for her

Commander “Jade” Lexa says:

Day ass thooooo lol

Russell Miller says:

I have seen bears in the wild in the mountains and ofcourse on different shows and movies. Bears i would not trust even if they were raised by me from a cub. Their mood swings seem to be more unpredictable i think. Park rangers will tell you that they do not attack cows, but they did my grandads cows. I have been chased by bears growing up. I think it is true that if you want to outrun a bear it is better done going down hill. I found that out from experience. I was never brave enough to test that other theory about controlling a bear situation by staring them down.

Der Zurechtweiser says:

I just remembered the obsersavtion that the older dogs and owners get the more similar they look and behave

random vids says:

+ Markiplier

Le GentleMan says:

Her only familiar faces are Mark and his wife…if they decided to let Agee go into the zoo when they finally cant care for her, she'd be lonely and eventually depressed..

MoistBreadCrust says:

Did this movie happen to be the Golden Compass?

HomemadeIndie says:

does that guy look like jack nicolsen or what!

Chris Geyer says:

"I thought that was an engine somewhere" fucking idiot

sder e says:

Why didn't they name her Iorek Byrnison even though it's a girl. what a wasted opportunity

Layla B says:


Timothy Perdue says:

lol Agee is getting old, that's all. I've been curious about this situation as he is getting quite old. Agee wont out live him but she would likely be devastated if they ever had to part. I mean taking care of a polar bear in your prime is one thing but a jealous polar bear is not something id like to test.

carpanthers4ever says:

Oh you have a German Shepherd guard dog? Oh and that one guy on YouTube has a pet tiger? WELL I'VE GOT A MOTHERFUCKING POLAR BEAR

Teal'c of Chulak says:

im gonna get a bear for christmas

Fay Jiang says:

what are those spots on it

thexophguy says:

k . im late . so lemme make a joke .

what do you call two polar bears acting up?

bipolar bitch.

Nothing Important says:

Are the black spots of fur just dirt?

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