Heartbreak and Euphoria for Mama Dog and Her Pups

After finding an emaciated mother pit bull in the streets of New Orleans, the Villalobos rescue team desperately searches for her pups. Will this family ever be reunited?

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cik nutt says:

the stupid people should had a ass cancer..talk like a dumb…y he do this to those cute thing ..

Saphire Panda says:

At least the puppies were ok

Jayden Russell says:


paulette barrow says:

I love this show,there needs to be more people and places like this for unwanted animals to get help till thye get a forever home,people if you cant or dont want your animal plz drop it off at a no kill shleter dont just abondone it and let your animal suffer and if you abuse your animal,God has a very special place for you where you will recieve the treatment you deserve

Cailey Cogburn says:

I wish I could find that dude. I would kick him out in the elements with 50 pound weights strapped to him

A Lot Later says:

God bless you for helping dogs. Thousands of years ago they fcked' up when they befriended us humans, they should have remained wolves because we as a species don't deserve their love and friendship!!

Enedelia Martinez says:

god bless u all who saved animal's lives

New Moderate says:

Poor mama, carrying around those giant boobs and nips

Zarah Cruz says:

She is such a beautiful and amazing dog!

kiki J says:

MAH HEART 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

dafne urze says:

oieeee boa tarde como vai você está recebendo também

John Terry says:

love that momma

Isis Jackson Albert says:

"You're bothering me" BITCH I COULD HAVE YOU ARRESTED!

missjanl says:

omg u can really tell mama was asking for help!!! awee

Lewis Gamer says:

I love dogs I remember we I went to see one of my pups that I adopted it was bella a little black pupy she was so small just like them she crept hiding bihined my leather jacket

Kevin Balroop says:

It's so sad for people to go out there and look for all thoes sick animals and take care of them after so sad 😢😢😢😢

LegitKills 65 says:

These guys are angels 👼

MK Sullivan says:

My mom doesn't like Matt's Amish beard.

Khloe Saelee says:

I was the mom dog but sadly I can't have a dog I already have a cat

mema starz says:

aww she knew she had to get help for her babies
it's cute to see a loving mommy.

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