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Labs are natural swimmers thanks to webbed paws, an otter-like tail and a water-resistant coat.


Daniela Cruz says:

Shane brought me here🐶@uno

Fangirl2,001 says:

We adopted a chocolate lab named Maggie from a shelter yesterday! she's so sweet. she's 2 years old but still so lively and full of energy I thought she was a puppy.

Tammy Sauk says:

so cute I have a little dog

Vesap Gaming says:

What do I name my black lab help

Utomilan Sansiro says:

Putin brought me here

Rayvin SCI says:

I have a Labrador and he is cute and loving

Cookeh says:

everyone seems to be talking about my dog, so this is my shihtz tzu
he got bit by a Rottweiler 1 month ago and that costed 1000$ in total to treat that (basically just a drain pipe).

Madison Rb says:

Good psychiatric service dogs?

Anon N says:

Black labs are the best in competition, similar to humans…

Random Guy says:

Labrador Retrievers are like Golden Retrievers

Timelord Adventures says:

my Labrador retriever is yellow yet is part of a jet black coloured family and originally called amber of fendawood

Mercedes says:

I prefer German Shepherds and Dobermans

fifaj1 games says:

red fox labrador

Josef “The Angel Of Death” Mengele says:

What about silver labs and red labs.

Allen Abreu says:

How much do these cost in the us

DogeGod says:

I don't like these dogs…… anymore

Just Chill dude says:

My lab ran to me full speed and hit me and it hurt a lot

speye22e says:

My cousins' family had the best black lab. They got him when my cousins were 2 and 4 years old, and they got to name him so he was named Elmo. He was very calm and very friendly–he tolerated my cousins dressing him up in a tutu, he ran up to strangers with tail wagging but quickly learned not to jump, and he always rolled onto his back if he thought he could get a belly rub. He loved to play fetch in his youth, and when he got old he just wanted to go to wherever the people were and lie down on their feet. He was by far the best dog I have ever met.

Galixygirl71006 Pink says:

I have a yellow lab puppy

Galixygirl71006 Pink says:

I have a yellow lab puppy we got him when he was 7 weeks old in February on the 7th born December 19 2015 so that makes him 7 months

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