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Sinking Paper Boat says:

I like how I'm watching this when I should be studying for my physics exam…

Tamara Bon says:


Reny Katharina says:

cute and sweet…I love corgis… 🙂 🙂 :-*

Baby Eyleia says:

Aughh he loves hes bro soo cute

Nathaniel Hamer the commando kid says:

I want one

KatakiDoragon says:

More like Odis flops into action.

Olive Plays says:

Corgis are super adorable I am getting my corgi Aussie mix pretty soon here

DeanAmbroseFan1O1 says:

I love their tiny paws

Tirshon 77 says:

This is beyond adorable.

BlueJeanBaby says:

Omg a herd of potatoes

Talishas Flores says:

"littlest fuck charlie" ummm don't put cc on ☺

Jess Tran says:


Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel says:


Xiomara Videz says:

Uuuugh! My heart! My heart! I can't take it TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS!!!

PaulMishima says:

That synchronized fall always gets me 😂

mijumaru97 says:

Omg turn on the subtitles and go to 1:34 😂😂


I laughed so hard when they tumbled idk why

Malaysha Morgan says:

Otis = hero's never give up

Whitewolf 123 says:

omg this made my cry he went back for charlie !!

Minhong Supa says:

Wonderful video!

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