Most Talented Dogs show their tricks – Can your dog do this?

Talented Dogs and their wonderful Trainers showed off their tricks and skills at the Canadian Pet Expo. So much fun showing what hard work, courage, commitment, training and positive reinforcement can do. I must admit, I was dazzled by all the amazing talent and am loving the photos. I am inspired to keep training little Kilo the foster Pug. We had Ambassador and Mentor Sara and Hero the Super Collie, as well as Lottie, Grizzly, Rev, Linzy, Sweetie, Shivers, Kowboy Fred, Kallie, Arthur, Lady Bug, Comanche, Mia, Mickey, Buster, Harley, Vegas and Noodles the WonderDog.. Thank you so much and thanks to Pet Valu and The Pet Network for supporting. Thanks too for all the individual dog sponsors(feel free to shout out in comments and I’ll add) and to Bullwrinkles, Benny Bullies and me with SpawDry Towels Visit : for more content!

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Jorgito Martinez says:

they are talented dogs all

Vincent Castro says:

I have 2 dogs!

Live.Wag.BARK! says:

I love the jump rope trick! I would love for my logs to learn tricks like those!

The Chesnut Mutts says:

So awesome! Gives me some more ideas to teach my girl Jada!

MyDogLikes says:

These are some amazing dogs!!

odijjj7 says:

Amazingly fun :)

Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady says:

So cool!!!

Val Silver says:

What a fun video to watch. Such great energy and fun tricks.

Sadie and Co. says:

This is inspirational!  I know what we're doing tomorrow!  Well, not to this standard but we're going to practice, practice, practice!

Carleen Pruess C. says:

This is awesome!

Robin Mudge says:

Wow! These are some talented dogs! It looks like it was a great show.

The Jack Russell Terrier's says:

Had a good time thanks for having us …..

Amazing Dog Tricks says:

WOW! What hard work each of these teams put it training for this. The show looked amazing, I'm sure the audience loved it! 

Rescue Dogs Rock! says:

Perfect way to prove rescue dogs can be trained to be amazing trick dogs and perfect family pets. Rescues Rock!

Maddys MishMash says:

This makes me want to train my dog. 

Pippy Love says:

Noodles is amazing, his tricks are soo cool. 

Finding Forever says:

Wow so many amazing dogs! 

TalentedK9Tonya says:

Looks like loads of fun! Wish I could go there and meet all those awesome dogs! (Live in the United States)

Dryver Garnett says:

Love it! It was such a fun weekend

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