Dogs in Costumes Go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

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Song: “From Russia With Love” by Huma Huma

Cute dogs Maymo and Penny go trick-or-treating while wearing the cutest Halloween costumes ever. Watch these cute dogs get ‘tricked’ as they go door to door, until the end of the video, when they are finally rewarded for their costume-wearing fortitude.


Mario Ruiz says:


Ruth Salay says:

i was luafing


such good doggies💚

Mirys says:

al final valio la pena tanto disfraz…

100 abonné sans vidéo? Merci says:


Sophie Shepherd says:

They just gave the dogs random stuff!!

theedgeinshow says:

They're both like "enough…make with some bacon"

pookiebell92 says:

Still cute!!!!

pookiebell92 says:

They have the "Why me, Lord"? Look.

Reyna Rosas says:

Crazy people

Darth vader “darth snowpea” Sagoo says:

dat mario doe

Jackie Sable says:

Love all the stuff that's going into their pumpkins

Isidora Pacheco says:

difrazando para todo amigo..eso se llama humanizar a los perros

Shelby & Grace says:

all the costumes to cute !!!
i love it!

Sharleen Shanley says:

the Yo Gabba Gabba costumes were sheer class LOL

Gina E. says:

They are cute

Jacaso Asheland says:

lol Maymo doesnt want any part of Richard Simmons

Gamer summer m Lazo says:

omg sooooo cuuuuuuute

Playeronline1231 (playeronline) says:

omg its so cute ^-^

torrvakhri1 says:

I love your videos. You are so passionate about your dogs, I love to watch them everyday :)

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