Dog gets blindsided by epic slip ‘n slide tube

Not to worry, this dog was perfectly fine after the collision. In retrospect, the dog travels further than the actual people on the slide! Too funny!

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Dan James says:

this was acc hilarious

davefan16 says:

rip doggo

chaexyhg says:

Before you go and comment about how this is animal abuse, read the description please 😊

AeroFluxe says:

I hope the inflatable boat are well :(

Rei says:

You need to have a video longer than 30 seconds for youtube to monetize it.

M Jab says:

Grabs popcorn, waits to see how this will be turned into animal abuse!

RussNann says:

Unfortunately this is what happens to dogs when people film vertically.

iamkamsai says:

don't worry, the doggie knew exactly what he was doing!


Wasted GTA

Lubizzle86 says:

Not funny. Hope it was okay

LPS Pug T.V says:

The poor dog!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

Lulu Nanoos says:

Very active and lovely dog, bless it 👍😘🐕

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