Funny Pugs Compilation 2014 – Funny Pug Dogs Videos


iRainbow_ Mustache says:

0:08 I Dooooooooooooooo!!!

Trisha G says:

1:27 that pug is gonna take a shit on your rug :P

bingbongeuro says:

there is a french bulldog (DJ) and an english bulldog (watching tv in the end) in this video

vipul bhatnagar says:


I Chloer says:

2 of them where not pugs

Hollie Wadman says:

Awwwww I their really cute 

2004775 says:

Funny :)

Andy The Pug says:

hahaha loved this video it made me lol thumbs up from me :)

Barbara Monnone says:

One of those weren't a pug.

Stinky bluez says:

1:26  your dog took a shit lol

Herps85 says:

1:55 and that is why my Pug doesnt sleep with me. lol

Ezio Prez says:

Not all of them were pugs. 1 was a french bulldog and the other one was an English Bulldog

Marylu Max says:

3 rd one is a french bulldog

Ella Iles says:

O.46 is
a bull dog

HaitianCyborg says:

lol dog watches tv and pushes a stroller

Dmitry D says:

Спасибо за труд

Dmitry D says:


Natalie Blank says:

If there's not already an owl specific video, you should make one!

Dymeczka says:

 How Mr. such dog :))

clara roos says:

The last one was a bulldog…

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