Sweet dog puts his baby sister to sleep in a swing crib(Charlie the dog)

Who needs a babysitter when you have a cute dog like this one. He loves babies and helping the parents with some chores
About Charlie the dog channel:
Meet our dog Charlie, who became internet sensation with our lovable daughter Laura Olivia. We set up a YouTube channel for Charlie in January 2013, as we began training the smart beagle to complete tasks ranging from helpful (shutting cabinet doors) to amusing (bringing a can of beer and the TV remote straight to the couch).
When our baby was born, we noticed his special bond with our daughter from early on, and we began filming our canine companion as he helped us care for her. Charlie the dog was introduced to baby Laura the moment she came home. We taught him how to help change her diapers, swing her baby crib, changes the traffic lights when we cross the street and play gently with her. But the one thing we never had to teach him is how to love our daughter. Charlie showed us how babies and dogs can be the best of friends and he demonstrates that he is an important part of our family and the unconditional love and and joy he provides is immeasurable.
Now, we’ve seen this beautiful duo grow up together and today, baby Laura is a toddler and has one of the best friends ever.
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Itshayley douglas says:

Omg so so cute

Adam Fitzpatrick says:

I cried manly tears

kim Flores says:

sweet puppy <3

‫יוגב רפאל‬‎ says:

לייק מי שהגיע לפה דרך וואטסאפ איי – אל

Pooru Animations says:

Charlie is like her big brother, right?

Amyithist Nichole says:

Love dogs! Beagles are adorable.

Noel Prez says:

Bullshit! The baby never went to sleep.

MindBat says:

That dog is probably wondering what's taking so long to get a treat.

TheDiscipleOfHell says:

Can't believe ppl support and like this shit. Typical lazy ass idiots to fucking lazy to actually parent their kids and expect everyone else to parent then for him this a new low getting your dog who probably has more brains than you. to put your kid to sleep for you.

How about spend ur time raising your damn kid and doing ur damn job as a parent instead of training/getting others to do it for you. This is why the future is grim because all these degenerate laZy pieces of shit are becoming parent making kids cause it's the thing to do and don't bother parenting them they spend time on Internet blaming everyone else for not raising their kids for them instead of taking responsibility for not doing there job example kid plays GTA and then IRL steals something from a fire or something and gets caught the. Stupid ass "parent" tries blaming the video game for their kid doing that shot when it's stupid lazy ass not doing their damn Job as a parent ruin they're kids stupid nee generate bums should be sterilized and not allowed to have kids for sake of future of planet we don't need more sheep was bum degenerates.

Bet you sit your fatass on couch when ur baby cries/not asleep and send ur dog to put it to sleep for you. Did you train dog to change its diaper to? Hell feed the kid to?

What's even more sad is the retards who support/love this shit probably are lazy degenerate parents like these people are

Only a stupid ass degenerate would try to exploit their newborn on YouTube situs stupid ass edisgrwce video to try and get fame.

JANET Taylor says:

So helpfull so sweet so cute

Yajnesh Kamath says:

wow !! That is really cute

Sandie Washington says:

awwwww soooooo sweet 😀👍👄💖

Zuzia W says:

Awww, too cute! Beagles are adorable

mykimikimiky says:

dog molesting the child while parents are gone … nice family.

Michelle Lilo says:


antidopulus says:

Baby sister??? WTF! When have the humans and animals started to be brothers and sisters?

Dhez Field says:

I want that puppy❤️

Bob Muller says:

Awesome is a Huge understatement..
and the dog is loving it !!

Paulina Sz says:

Cudny pies 🙂 :)

SalveMonesvol says:

I had to kiss my dog XD

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