Cat and dog lay on top of bigger dog

When it’s cold outside these animals know that they need to stick together for warmth. When one big dog lays down, a smaller dog and cat decide to climb up on top of him as if he was their own personal bed! Too funny!

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Caterina B says:

So sweet! Animals are the best. Now….they LIE DOWN (put themselves in a prone position, and we as living beings do that , too.) We LAY THINGS down, such as a book, "Lay the book on the table before you go outside, please!"

Another Boring Cat Channel says:

This dog is like a Swarm Host from SC2~!

mysteryof7 says:

Too cute. Warming buddies


they match <3

Doloras Watts says:

They are keeping each other warm!! How sweet!! 😘

АлкоHOLIC maniac says:

Просто решили погреться от "мобильной печки", вокруг ведь снег и холодно…

AshnKksmom2 says:

That is so cute the poor little guys on top of the big guy keeping them off the cold cement. Why are these guys outside when it is so cold? The cat and small dog do not have thick fur like the big one.

Jon Trans says:

россия страна ПИДОРАСОВ!

imallearsru says:

That poor big dog on the bottom is going to have major joint issues because he's/she's laying on bare concrete.


if I fits I sits

tuffsing313 says:

rhat dog is a central asian ovcharka, the most agressive dog in the world, think anout that.

Kitty C says:

Oh the 3 buddies! It's cold out and the smaller dog and cat take advantage of the big dogs warmth. You could tell the cat was kneading on the big dogs back, too! Then a 3rd dog showed up and scared the kittie off! Hope she got back on! Cute!

Jhabari Owens says:

big dog like these my little bros mess with them I will eat you

sendy kinata says:

They feel warm on it.

Delano Vinci says:

who else thought it was a panda?

Liana Pattipeilohy says:

Aww….so cute😍

Liana Pattipeilohy says:

Aww….so cute..😍

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