Dirty Dogs Video Compilation 2016

Dogs getting into the trash, ripping apart feathered pillows, to rolling around in mud puddles, these dogs know how to get down and dirty in this funny, dirty dogs video compilation.

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Noice says:

Thank you for the video 🙂 makes ya want a dog/Cat

eli zhou says:

Cab you do one of scary dogs or pets

Pug Lover111 (PugLover111) says:

plz tell meh

Pug Lover111 (PugLover111) says:

how do get emojis on computer

Nour A says:

5 dislikes are from the cats.

Sarah Barton says:

At 1:53 wonder what colour dog was before it went in there lol

Lc hj says:

This makes me so sad, because dogs do this out of stress and not enough exercise.

The Sethioz Project says:

This is like SpinTires only with dogs

Catt M says:

It's awesome that owners allow animals to be natural. These dogs are well taken care and loved!

Kat Q (Aster) says:

Lucy…girl…get your life together lmao

Psychotic Bob says:

Why I'm not a dog person.  #kitty, #meow

Hermes says:

0:17 I wonder witch one did it

Matías Toro says:

Should do a video with dogs who escape crates and behave like dogs and call it "Stupid people who shouldn't own a dog"

L3GO MAST3R says:

How exactly do I send u a clip and can I do it from phone

Jackie and misty Hamsters 101 says:

Sooo cute

CricketTV says:

LOL Lucy!!! 😂😂😂😍😍😍

EverythingFlo says:

i thought i would see some sexy dogs…..

notodotieneunporque says:

be honest,play in the mud must be really fun ^^

Zavi Nat says:

600 view and getting another dog now have 2

Phan Trash AF says:

Rabbit shooting? You fucking deserve it m8

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