Crazy Dog Vines December 2013

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Credit To:
1 Connerb9
It’s starts off being cute until…
2 Abdiel Garcia

3 Buster Beans
Whatever that is outside…I DONT LIKE IT
4 BarkleyThePom
Jam with me
5 Cameron Goldsworthy
When you realize you forgot to do your school work
6 Funniest Vids
Taken it like a champ!
7 Steven Blakely
A bit dramatic with the slobber…
8 Josh Swensen
A puppies thoughts about her first time in the snow
9 Beau
Puppy latte gone wrong
10 Omar Alhanfoosh & Klhoe the Pit
Jax The Puppy
11 Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund
I’m leavin’.. On a jet plane! Going to see my brother Oakley!
12 Sadie Tipawd

13 Miller The Rottweiler
I love #playfulpuppyfriday just like my brudder Jax The Puppy
14 Dexter the dachshund
Happy Holidays!
15 Chevy Dog
16 TheJamesPotter
Dog was a fan of Marley Me …Sorry Owen #comedy #dog
17 Kayla Toole
Tricks with Cher
18 Hayleigh Miller
Champion popcorn catcher
19 Ellie Callaway
I feel so bad
20 Bruno The Yorkshire
He Does Not Like To Wear Boots
21 nicole MACRI
pop rocks
22 Cody Loomis
23 Ian Medina Macias
24 Mandy Barajas
25 Mis allyn
dumb ass #pitbull
26 Four Florida Pugs
Caught Dreaming-Pugs are tucked in for the night
27 Minnie
al I want for christmas Part2
28 Richelle Swinkels
#dogtalk #dog #husky #talking
29 levi moore
Must be true! #Dog
30 polish_pat
31 Florent rossignol
dog slide
32 Ari Baban
Puppy Sock Head
33 Morgan Elizabeth Meyers
Begging dog #Minecraft
34 Angry Andry
My little puppy Zhora
35 AlexBFresh
Hogans like ‘dafuq’
36 Pam Grewal
#Hennessy #Bulldog
37 Moose and Patron Dubs
Really ridiculously exiting Friday night!
38 Snookie
Hook is gentle and sweet when he meets Snookie
39 Cassidy Petersen
omg necko
40 Matthew Butler
Pretty sure I have the best dog ever!
41 Paulina Risk

42 Casey Splinter

43 Morris Stark
Cucumber Morris 🙂
44 bmcallister

45 Maddyp79
Feelin hungry
46 Brandi


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