Wendy Bemis Beauceron Trick Dog Champion at Michigan Dog Training

Wendy Bemis, a professional dog trainer trained her dog Fleetwood, a Beauceron to the level of Trick Dog Champion following the program of Kyra Sundance’s www.domorewithyourdog.com program. Movie filmed and edited by Michael Burkey of www.MichiganDogTrainer.com.


Eser Mustafa says:

incredible can't wait to get one myself in the future with my family!

Forwardess says:

I'm a GSD person, but I've really taken to the Beauceron. Wonder if that'll be my next dog…

Rebecca Fouts says:

Fleetwood's Great-Uncle Ammon Mes Yeux Viglants says he's VERY proud of him! Good job! Great SD skills. 

Mobfall says:

Amazing! How long does it take to get to this level?

Short Grey says:

Amazing beuaceron !! Too bad there aren't more Beaucerons in the US cos they are fantastic dog and much bigger than Malinois or German Shepherds

Short Grey says:

Damn that boy is huge, it's almost 2 and half feet tall, I wouldn't fuck with that kind of dog

kimmobley333 says:

What a good boy.

ldplowman10 says:

and all done POSITIVELY!!

Dogma718 says:

Very impressive. I love your calm approach. Fleetwood adores you. Well done.

Kyra Sundance says:

I want this dog!!! EXCELLENT job! Really wonderful working dog. Congrats Champion Trick Dog Fleetwood!

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