How to Teach your Dog to Shake a Paw


pedro6199782 says:

Suck him then

CinnamonSex says:

That guy is cute!

Andrew Meijer says:

@101selenafan He's not giving the treat until he gets the result he wants and says yes. Sort of a clicker technique. The dog learns that if he wants the trainer to open their hand, he has to put his paw up.

Alfish83 says:

Dog sitting in front of you, you kneeling. Say "shake" grab paw give treat. Rinse and repeat. Try not to say "shake hands" as dogs respond and will learn better to single word commands. The dog needs to be sitting still. It is important as if he/she is jumping/moving around it is less likely he/she knows why they are being rewarded.

Vexxum K says:

not easy way?

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