How to teach your dog to hug

How to teach your dog to hug, with Cohen the Australian Shepherd. A video!

This is the way I taught Cohen to hug her toys (and catch them with her paws). I wasn’t aware of any videos breaking down the steps online so I decided to make my own.

Have photos of your dogs hugging? Please share in the comments below.

I’m sure there are many other methods for teaching this trick. If you trained it some other way, I’d be curious to know what you did. Share them below too!

Happy clicking everyone!

I absolutely encourage sharing. Share away!

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Rachel Cox says:

We are getting an Aussie soon because her owners didn't have enough time for her. When we met her, she used her paws to hold my arms or ask for more petting. I'm hoping I can teach her this trick; she seems competent!

Havoc Hybrid (Abby) says:

My dog already knows how to hug. :T

She does it all the time with her toys…

right before she shreds them.

Mel Babendreier says:

I love how you broke this down into logical steps. My Aussie/Jack uses her paws like hands to try to catch things and hold things, so I think this will be a great trick for her. Thank you!

Kawaii Desoo says:

Such a beautiful dog <3

bob bobber says:

Every commenter on here except me cages their dog because its easy that way. You are all amimal abusers. My aussie will make yours look like a freekin treat prostitute and I would never force her to do anything that she doesn't want to naturally and I don't have to bribe her with treats or a damn clicker. Put away the treats, clickers, cages even leashes and put in a lil time with your dog and you will be amazed. Its actually extremely rewarding. P.S  I actually don't have anything against dikes. I would be 1 too If I was a woman. I just hate seeing animals mistreated and yes you are miss treating your dog for other peoles amusement. u should be ashamed.

bob bobber says:

How to force your dog to do something its not meant to do for your personal amusement. Wow u must have a really small dick. I'm assuming u are a guy because no way in hell would I watch a video of someone abusing any animal. Ooooh you are a dike. So if I had a clicker would it be okay if I trained you to be with guys???????????????????? Bet a Million dollars you lock that hound in a cage! lol. yep that's what I thought. Please give that fine animal to a good home. You of all people should know. Can I make someone gay not gay? Never cage a Dog for gods sake people. Take 5 minutes a day and play with your hound. amazing thing will happen. NO CLICKERS either assholes

Donna Bowman says:

Great job. Are you using a clicker…do u click to get the dig to do what u want?

Vicki Depies says:

Hi Jess! I watch for your Facebook posts with great eagerness, but I think you already know that! The hug trick is on my "to do" list with Lexi, and I've broken down your video into small steps. I'm wondering if you have a video to teach the blanket trick. Lexi knows how to roll over, but would like a tutorial on grasping the blanket while rolling over. Thanks!

TruSkater says:

cool I have an Aussie like that his name is Charlie

Positive Ferrets says:

I LOVE THIS!! 🙂 Thank you for such a clear video, my dogs and ferrets will be trying this today :-D

fasfan says:

This dog gets all the AWWWs.

Stella Dawn says:

We love this trick. We are go to try it out. Thank you for posting this.

Kི.Dི E͛P͛I͛C͛ says:

I thought you meant how to teach your dog to hug a human! I'm dumb

Ozzy's World says:

aw so cute!!


Great work Jess. This video is brilliant. 😊👍🏼

WeirdNWonderfulFacts says:

and the dog is so cute

Neotuxedo LEE says:

Excellent ! Good Job !

Zeldah ' says:

thank you! you are a great dog tranier! amazing dog!

Martina Rueter says:

Awesome, Jess. Cohen is beautiful, she looks like she could be my boy Mickey's sister!

TuskyAgility97 says:

Awesome video very informative:) x

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