Dog trick tutorial – your feet on mine

Training my border collie puppy to walk with her front paws on my feet.

Music by Josh Woodward

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S Simonet says:

Hi! Thanks for your video. I had seen this trick once upon a time & have been slowly training our dog to learn it. I am stuck at the same place "Frankie" was (see comment below about 2 years ago). Best ways to get our dog to be willing to put a paw on EACH foot? She hasn't been willing to "push off" with the other foot as of yet…ideas?

Katie and Nessa says:

You can use the cue 'feet'.

crazeedogs says:

I have the back up different surfaces but cannot get away from the wall at all is there any other tricks to getting that and could it just be they don't have good enough core muscles? Thank you!

jarahdawg says:

thanks! i'm off to start training. :)

Ozzy's World says:

Thanks you I been looking for this video!! :D

Ash Stanley says:

My dog
Sucks at this! He never behaves!!

Penny Noriega says:

Thanks for the help. I am starting to teach this trick to my Havanese.

PetitePets says:

What if my dog keeps sitting down and when they put both paws on my feet, they just lie down?

Sarah says:

Hey, thanks so much for posting this! It's really great and I have been wanting to teach my dog this. But I'm having trouble teaching him to target my shoe because he just uses his nose instead of his paw. What should I do instead? thanks!

V minnis says:

Just what I am was looking for. Now to get to training 🙂  Thank you!!!

Arabian Love says:

What would the word cue be????

PinkyPawzz says:

Wow a new trick

Birgit Scheys-Thys says:

Is there a cue for this trick or?

vidgirl4444 says:

Whats the Cue you tell her??

Frankie Cheung says:

my puppy wont push off the one foot to stand on the other. how do i even get her to try to put both paws on my feet? thanks! 

Terry Geasland says:

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl ! ! You need to get out more really !!

Ferndust says:

I have a bc 2 :)

Terrie Hayward says:

Super! I'm a clicker trainer, too & have been wanting to work on this behavior. Thanks for taking some of the brainstorming out of it. Heading off to CT & learn this new trick!

Franziska Horn says:

Hey, thanks for your tutorial.
My dog keeps laying down when she sticks both paws on my feet. How can I get her to stand and not lay down? I tried holding a treat in front of her nose but that can`t be the trick, can it?

Morgan Purvis says:

like this comment if Kikipups video of this trick brought you hear

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