Funny Horse Blooper Pony Destroys Barn


Sara Garside says:

Was probably passed you clipped his mane like that.

Moana Tiwakawaka says:


ZuluReddy says:

Gosh so funny but I cant laugh, hurts too much. Just yesterday I had a "moment" with my Arabian horse and got bucked of!!! Drove to the ER only to find out I have 2 broken ribs and concussion! oh yeah! and we still love them horsies.

Veronika Diamondpie says:

Ok so I play a game called star stable and well look at my username

Ava Palmer says:

The ponys are just like no what are u talking about

SheepyDeep says:

LOL Oops!

Bonnie Bella says:

i love the giveaway hoofprints on the mat…

Kennedy Johnson says:

That horse is soo beutiful♥♥♥♥♥

Maegan ViIlalon says:

did he/she really do that?

shelley mowbray says:

no, ponies are actually incredibly strong for their size. they can carry me and I'm almost 50 kg so why wouldn't they be able to tip something over thats 50 kg????

Carrie M says:

Pretty cute! Loved the pup.
My filly grabbed the cord of my big fan like that and drug it out into the paddock! I'm happy I didn't have it plugged in and that she didn't chew the cord off!
Amazing how horses can just get into anything not nailed down.
Forget about taking a toolbox near them. They run off with the tools!

S. Lawrence says:

I doubt that a horse could actually do that much damage I have no doubt in my mind that the pony got out and tipped some things over but the big 50kg fan is a bit of a dead give away that some of it was just the humans wanting it to look worse as part of some fun :)

Immykaytlin BigMisty says:

is that shaun the sheep in the background?

Kaykat21 says:

heheheheheheh i haz a bunny eatin' my clothes :D

MrBugzyDog says:

lol funny!
but don't zoom in so close on the ground! it's way easier to see and to see where everything is if you stay zoomed out, zooming in is disorienting

Bella Swanson says:

Such a cute lil doggy is it a puppy german shepard??

Bella Swanson says:

LOL that pony must've been very smart I hope nothing got fully brocken! :p

TwinkiesCanFly says:

'DID YOU HAVE A PARTY OR NOT?' Simply question, pony, answer it.

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